Munday funday — 9 January, 2012

The BEST way to teach a child (or adult) to ride is on a balance bike. Training wheels are a crutch that is hard to let go of. Check out this awesome footage of the Balance Bike World Championships.

Munday funday — 2 January, 2012

As a lover of short films, it’s interesting to think about the messages in this film on a bike level, a gender level, and an equality level.  What does this film say to you? MARRY ME – TROPFEST 2008 WINNER by Michelle Lehman

Munday funday – 19 December, 2011

There are a gazillion and one videos of men + boys riding bmx + fixie.  Here’s Juliet Elliott, a London bike-world icon with some brilliant images and mesmerizing music.

Munday funday — 12 December, 2011

Check this out!  The mobile music machine brings musicians out onto the streets (on a bicycle-operated stage).  Various local musicians perform in major cities around the United States.

Munday funday — 5 December, 2011

Great images of San Francisco bike culture and bike personalities — honoring the single speed (and SSCXWC).  WARNING:  adult content. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Munday funday — 28 November, 2011

Remember those flip-books we made in childhood?  yeah, this is like that except on a bicycle wheel!

Munday Funday — 21 November, 2011

an oldie but goodie!  this reminds me of my first “real” mountain bike ride back in the early 90s with a couple of cute boys from the ski club in NY.  little did I know, when I said “yes,” just what I was getting myself into.  have you ever had a cycling experience that was a bit over your head?

Munday funday — 29 nov, 2010

As many times as I’ve watched this video, it still brings a smile to my lips and tears to my eyes: