On-Line Scheduling Now Available!

Book Your Bike Fit Now! We’ve just added the ability for you to schedule your bike fit or private coaching session online. The busier we get (and the busier you are), the more challenging it can be to schedule your bike fit or on-the-bike coaching, so we’ve partnered with Square to make online scheduling available to you. We’re still here via email to answer your questions, but we encourage you to book your appointments online. Book Your Bike Fit Now!

A perfect size 9

Bike fit is tailoring.  It’s the process of taking something stock, off-the-shelf, and altering it to fit your body perfectly.  A nip here, a tuck there and voila!  The new garment fits like a second skin.  You look fabulous, you feel magnificent, and all eyes are on you. Now, we all know how it usually works.  You head to your local clothing store, pick something out, you’re between sizes, it’s big in the boobs and small in the waist, it’s […]