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Riding a bicycle, whether for recreation, competition, or transportation, improves the overall physical and mental health of your employees. Sponsoring a cycling program could provide your company with fewer sick days, more employees who are on-time to work and who exhibit increased productivity because of improved health, wellness, and self-esteem.  A Savvy Bike clinic is also the perfect addition to your commute or transportation program!


Savvy Bike - Bike Skills

Savvy Bike — Bike Skills Clinics


We make it easy to bring a bicycling program to your company.  We’re flexible with scheduling, registration (we can handle it or you can do it), and payment.

You can choose from the following programs or we can create a program just for your company.  All clinics are 4 hours in duration (except where noted) and can be presented on one day (4 hours), two days (2 hours each), or four days (1 hour each).  We also offer 1-hour off-the-bike seminars on topics such as nutrition, training, and commuting by bike.

Join our growing list of corporate clients like SAP and Facebook who’ve brought Savvy Bike programs to their employees!  Email for more information or download our Savvy Bike Corporate Flyer.


Bike Skills 001: Adult Learn-to-Ride (1 hour sessions)

Learn the Basics of Riding: Starting, Stopping, Balance, and Pedaling.


Bike Skills 002:  Basic Bike Maintenance (2 hours)

Learn to Change a Flat Tire and Perform Road-Side Repairs.


Bike Skills 100:  Urban Riding Skills (4 hours)

Navigate the Road with Defensive and Safe Riding Techniques.


Bike Skills 101:  Fundamental Bike Handling Skills (4 hours)

Learn Bike Anatomy + Physics, Steering, Cornering, Emergency Stops, Riding with One and No Hands.


Bike Skills 201:  Climbing + Descending Skills (4 hours) 

Learn Seated + Standing Climbs, Starting on an Up or Downhill, and Fast + Technical Descents.


Bike Skills 301:  Pacelines + Group Riding (4 hours)

Learn to Ride Safely + Efficiently with Two or More Riders.