COVID-19 Update: Due to current CDC guidelines to cease any non-essential physical contact, Savvy Bike will not be accepting any additional bike fit bookings until May 4th. I will update, as needed, as the pandemic progresses. My priority is the health and well-being of my clients, my family, and our society. I appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

Past clients and folks who are on my future calendar, I’m happy to schedule a FREE video consult to discuss urgent concerns. Email me to schedule an appointment.

Lorri Lee Lown, head coach + bike fit specialist
April 1st, 2020

Looking for the perfect gift for your cycling friends? Savvy Bike gift cards are available in any amount you’d like and can be used for bike fit, clinics, on-bike coaching, and more!


Ladies! It’s time to earn/learn your independence on the bike! Too many women feel uncomfortable riding on their own or leading rides because they feel they don’t know how to take care of their bike if something goes wrong. In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to change a flat, how to make minor adjustments (derailleurs and brakes), and how to clean your bike. We’ll have time for questions, too!

Bring your bicycle, on-bike tools, floor pump, and a blanket, sheet, or tarp to cover the floor under you and your bike.

Preregistration online is $10. Registration at the event is $20.


Eventbrite - No More Damsel in Distress -- Bike Maintenance for Women

You’ve registered for the Death Ride and now you’re freaking out, right? Don’t panic! Savvy Bike Head Coach Lorri Lee Lown will share a plan to prepare you for this awesome event. With 10 Death Rides under her wheels, she’ll help you avoid common pitfalls in training, help you develop a plan for attaining the fitness necessary to complete the ride, and share her tips for day-of-event time management, nutrition, and pacing to ensure that you meet your goals. Bring your questions because she’s got answers!


Join us on February 5th @ 6:30pm @ Sports Basement in Campbell for this 90-minute seminar. You will leave feeling confident as you prepare for your first (or your best) Death Ride ever!

Light refreshments will be served and all participants will receive a shopping discount at Sports Basement the evening of the event.

Preregistration online is $10. Registration at the event is $20.

Eventbrite - How to Ride the Death Ride Without Really Dying

Curious about gravel grinding? Join us for Bike Skills 104: Intro to Gravel Riding. We’ll cover the fundamentals of riding off the beaten path and adventure planning. This 8-hour clinic includes a two-hour pre-meeting on Thursday, January 31st to help you prepare for the weekend, covering the gear and the tools needed for fun and safe riding (bike and tire selection, clothing, etc). On Sunday, we focus on the fundamental skills of riding on dirt and mixed terrain, riding over obstacles, braking, cornering, and general bike handling. After lunch (included) we’ll finish the day with a group ride on our beautiful trails, giving you the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on the skills we learned in the morning.

Eventbrite - Bike Skills 104: Intro to Gravel Riding

Believe it or not, some folks have never had a proper bike fit. They hop on and go. Maybe they’ve been riding for a few months, maybe for decades, but they’ve never had the experience of customizing their bike to their body, riding style, and goals.

Now, I know my clients have all been fit, but do you realize that bike fit isn’t typically “one and done?” There are three reasons why you should re-visit your bike fit. Which of these applies to you?

It’s NEW BIKE Day!
You’ve got a NEW BODY!
You’ve got some NEW GOALS!

You should get a new fit each time you get a new bike, even if it’s a similar bike. As much as we’d like to be able to transfer your fit from bike to bike, the difference in geometry (or style of bike) means that you should re-visit your bike fit.

Has your body changed? Has your weight increased or decreased? Have you gained or lost flexibility or strength? Are you recovering from an injury? These are all reasons to be re-fit on your bike. Although you may hope to adapt to these changes, you really should fit your bike for the body you have now.

Have you been riding endurance events but now want to try criterium racing? Would you like to race triathlon on your road bike that was fit for centuries? Been racing road but now want to ride double century rides? If your riding goals have changed, we can fit you in the most appropriate position for your new events.

The long and short of it is that there’s no “one and done” in bike fit. If your body, your bike, or your goals have changed, it’s time to re-visit your bike fit, too!

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Thanks to Pactimo for keeping our kit game solid. We ride long miles. We ride hard miles. We ride day after day after day. Our kit is designed to meet the needs of the most discerning cyclists.

We’ve selected the Summit Raptor bibs because they stand the test of long, hard rides in all temperatures and humidities. Add either the Ascent Aero jersey (Euro-fit) or the Century LX jersey (relaxed fit) and you’ve got a kit that will keep you looking and (most importantly) feeling GREAT all day long, no matter what type of riding you do.

Fresh and new for 2018 and you can order now!

This is your last chance to order the 2017 Savvy Bike cycling kit from Pactimo.  We’ve designed a super-sweet kit that includes jerseys, bib shorts, mountain bike shorts, and some awesome outerwear.  Stock up now for all your fall and winter riding.


Save $20 on early registration for Bike Skills 101 (fundamental bike handling skills) sponsored by and Bike Skills 201 (climbing + descending skills) sponsored by Tri-Flow Superior Lubricants if you register by February 12th.  Both clinics are held on February 26th and most riders participate in both clinics on the same day.


You’ll find details and registration here:



By popular demand, we’ve added two more Bike Skills clinics in December.  On December 4th, we’ve got Bike Skills 101 (fundamental bike handling skills), sponsored by  On December 11th, we’ve got Bike Skills 201 (climbing + descending skills), sponsored by Tri-Flow Superior Lubricants.


These will be our last clinics for 2016.  You’ll find details and registration here: