Hey friends! Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day to order these ugly/not-ugly holiday cycling jerseys from Pactimo! Proceeds will be donated to my AIDS LifeCycle fundraising.

Please note: I chose the Continental long sleeve (fleecy goodness) and the Ascent (not aero) short sleeve. These are not aero cut, so if you ordered up a size on previous jerseys, you will find these a bit more true to size.




Safety is Sexy

I’m so excited about this kit! As part of my fundraising for AIDS/LifeCycle, I’ve partnered with Pactimo to offer this super-awesome orange kit. Day 2 on ALC is “orange for safety” day, but this kit is so cool everybody will want to wear it all the time. It’s a super-visible orange and available in both a euro fit (Ascent Aero) and relaxed fit (Century LX). The Summit bibs have been my go-to for years for double centuries, the Death Ride, and multi-day rides.


Order now through February 12th!


The BEST way to teach a child (or adult) to ride is on a balance bike. Training wheels are a crutch that is hard to let go of. Check out this awesome footage of the Balance Bike World Championships.

Happy New Year! I know, it’s January 6th but I reserve the right to wish you a happy new year at least throughout the first month of the year. This week’s links focus on some of the bike-related blogs I really love.

http://www.ecovelo.info/ — Eco Velo is a fabulous site focused on the bike commuter lifestyle and is, unfortunately, being retired by the creators. But, they’re keeping the awesome content on line for all of 2012 so check it out while you still have the chance.

http://ladyfleur.wordpress.com/ — Velo Girls alum, Janet LaFleur, has created a fabulous blog focused on her bike lifestyle experiences. The writing is solid, the photos are beautiful, and the topics are sometimes gritty and sometimes whimsical. If you love cycling, women, bikes, the bay area, you should share Janet’s experience.

http://norcalcyclingnews.com/ — Norcal Cycling News has taken on many different iterations over the years, but it’s still got solid readership focused on norcal bike racing. If you love bike racing, this is a must-read, with a good mix of gossip, editorials, interviews, and news.

http://counterattackingreality.com/ — Rand Miller is the best local underdog you love to love. His blog focuses on his pro racing experience with more than a touch of sarcasm and heckling. Rand makes you believe that if he can do it, anyone can.

http://bethbikes.blogspot.com/ — Beth Newell is one of the funniest writers in the bike world. I’ve watched her struggle and rise to stardom over the years and am thrilled she’s racing in the big leagues now. Let’s hope she holds true to her promise and blogs more regularly again in 2012, because her writing is spurtle-my-coffee-on-my-keyboard funny.

As a lover of short films, it’s interesting to think about the messages in this film on a bike level, a gender level, and an equality level.  What does this film say to you?

by Michelle Lehman


Happy New Year!

I find I do most of my reading online these days. You too, right? I have certain blogs I subscribe to and certain sites that I visit regularly. And then I find little tidbits here and there from my friends on Facebook + Twitter. Today’s links include one bicycle industry site and two non-bike sites.

http://www.bicycleretailer.com/news/newsDetail/6316.html — I’ll admit, working in the bike industry, that this topic really hits a nerve with me and I’m thankful that Specialized Bicycle’s Mike Sinyard spoke out about it publicly. We’re all about “the deal” but that often hurts your locally-owned bike shop. Buy local, folks! Support the communities you live in.

http://zenhabits.net/fitguide/ Zen Habits is one of my favorite blogs and I always pick up a practical tip or two to help improve my life. This post focuses on how to start a healthy habit and grow it into a healthy lifestyle. It’s okay to start small. Be patient. Invest in yourself!

http://www.grist.org/biking/2011-12-27-10-bicycling-myths-debunked — Grist takes a humorous look at serious environmental stories. They often write about the impact of bicycles on the environment. This one’s as silly as most, but contains some “real” reasons why bicycling is an awesome way to improve your life. And thanks to Grist for the infographic (below) that went viral earlier this month.

Biking And Health

Created by: Healthcare Management Degree

There are a gazillion and one videos of men + boys riding bmx + fixie.  Here’s Juliet Elliott, a London bike-world icon with some brilliant images and mesmerizing music.

Check this out!  The mobile music machine brings musicians out onto the streets (on a bicycle-operated stage).  Various local musicians perform in major cities around the United States.

Some of my favorite holiday memories of late are night rides through festive neighborhoods.  Here’s one in Palo Alto.


Have you ever done a holiday night ride?  Where are your favorite areas to ride?